Saturday, December 15, 2007

London Cake Shop

The Brilig girls Theatre trip to London back in Aug 07. We loved the Fame show then just walked around a bit. We had dinner at Schmolesky's Baloon last visited in 1991. Great place. The girls drew some picture of the singer who thanked them.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Day In The Life

I'm Gonna Find My Baby

The Wall

Brilig Place Episode 1 - Homework

The Brilig Place is the space where it's at !
Come in through this door, wipe your feet on the cat.
Heidi, Caity and Evie request that
You join in the fun coz fun's what they're best at.
So if you're all now confortably sat,
Pass me the popcorn and let's hope these kids can act.

The Brilig Place is the space where you've been.
The fun and the joy and laughter you've seen.
The Brilig girls hope you come back soon,
But not tomorrow as they're tidying their room.

Brilig Place Episode 8 - Sleep

At the Brilig Place the cloak of night has silently descended.
The Brilig mirth that fills this space, temporarily suspended.
Perchance to dream beneath these eaves; the mimsy day is ended.
Queen Mab and all her fairy folk should now be well attended.

But wait a sec, there’s something wrong. Old Heidi’s wide awake.
The wardrobe’s bare, no lions in there, there must be some mistake.
She stands before the mad mistress of maths at half past eight.
Sleep now my precious Brilig girl ! Sleep now for pity’s sake !

But now awake, the land of Nod’s a distant land indeed.
Cast up upon the shores of consciousness at half past three.
Five hours left until a test in trigonometry !
Get back to bed, put down your head ! Go easy on that Cheese.

Oh cursed moon that cow-tows to the fragile light of dawn.
Heidi’s slightly bleary eyed, she’s stifling a yawn.
Wake, wake my perfect Brilig child, there’s maths open the morn !
No time for honey’ed monster puffs, no time for flakes of corn !

You naughty, younger Brilig Girls what mischievousness is this ?
Your night-time screams gave such bad dreams to the insomniac older sis.
Who’s snoring through her test in long division in ignorant bliss.
And in her slumber, dreams of numbers tumbling, crumbling into the great abyss.

So let this be a lesson to the Brilig Girls all three.
A good night’s sleep will help prevent mediocrity,
And did you know the brain will benefit from things fishy ?
What a healthy, fun-packed, bite-sized slice of life the Briligs be.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Brilig Place Episode 5 - Moon

This scientific Brilig House is innovation packed,
Heidi's 3D lunar landscape's testament to that.
Evie's worrying about the possible impact
Of ethnic cleansing Clangers from their natural habitat.

But little Evie's chocky chips upon the homework fell.
Changed Living Rooom to Living Moon. Oh curse, oh drat, oh hell !
Oh trice woe, the tears will flow at Heidi's show-and-tell.
Such bad luck the crumb got stuck upon the letter 'L'.

What's Othma's game ? This homeworks's lame ! A 'living room interior' ?
'Design a chair with space to spare for all sizes of posterior' ?
The sort of task that one might ask of those who want a career in a...
Day Time Show ! No, Briligs, no ! Aspire to things superior !

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Brilig Place Episode 4 - School Trip

The Brilg school trip, Oh what fun. It comes but once a year.
With fizzy drinks and iced buns, the kids are in good cheer.
Their favourite songs are played out load as corners are careered.
One hundred school kids throwing up ? It's not a sound you want to hear....

And so it seems Ms Othma dreams of islands in the sun,
And to wave goodbye to little Heidi when the trip is done.
She's not forgotten the stupid rotton homwork got wee'd upon.
Irwin the cat, he can't help that. He's old, he's ninety-one !
Cat Years that is.

Brilig Place Episode 3 - Poem

In the Brilig House, the Heidi girl is struggling with verse.
This literary landscape's proving tricky to traverse.
She's an amateur at pentametre and her ryhming's getting worse.
When those naughty little Brilig girls are overcome with mirth.

Oh curse, oh curse this writer's block, old Heidi she doth tire.
To make things worse, this lack of verse with raise Ms Othma's ire.
A pointed hat with 'D' writ large shall be this girl's attire.
A rhyming dictionary is what these Brilig girls should buy her.

Brilig Place Episode 2 - Library

The Brilig Place is a virtual space, don't you know ?
These girls aren't real but don't tell them so.
They're out there playing on the information super highway.
So come in through the portal and wipe you feet by the way.

The Brilig Place is a cleaner space today,
Because Heidi's putting all the things away.
But cataloging every item is insame man !
Your sisters think you're tunimg into Rainman

But Heidi, through your efforts, you've done very well.
On the question of libraries it's best not to dwell.
The book of books has driven philosophers insane.
So relax, chill-out else it'll do in your brain.