Sunday, November 2, 2008

Brilig Place Episode 17 - Sweets

Evie, you had a secret but you can no longer keep it,
Coz we saw you stuff your face with liquorice lace pulled from your pillow case.
And in your bottom drawer there’s more, there’s scores of sweets we saw,
You can’t ignore the fact that sweetie wrappers litter-up your bedroom floor.

Girls, this all started with a kiss,
A Hershey Kiss that went too far…
I had to have the Hershey Bar.
Girls, I’ve gotta get that sugar rush
My Curley Wurley Puppie Slush.
Ten times a days – that’s not so much !

Evie, you have some problems but we want to help you solve them.
We have booked you into re-hab with support it won’t be so bad.
But the clinic’s precondition is that prior to admission,
You must sign upon this dotted line which covers chapters one to nine.

Girls, what’s this you wave before my eyes.
The small print seeming to imply,
My sweeties are no longer mine !
Girls, I see right through your grubby plans !
You want to get your dirty hands
On my sweetie contraband.