Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Brilig Place Episode 16 - Tantrum

A wailing child with gnashing teeth is not a pretty sight.
The words writ large around her neck – “Beware this Brilig bites !”
What metamorphosis is this that takes a form so slight
Transmogrifies it to an evil creature of the night ?

So please take heed, do not proceed to cross her angry path
Let’s calm her down with camomile, let’s run her a warm bath.
Let’s read her chapter one of Dr Spock to make her laugh
Break out the Ovaltine and tell her stories by the hearth.

The hour’s past, the dye is cast she’s heading for an ASBO
The neighbour’s cat ? She petted that (now buried under patio)
She's in a rage and centre stage, she won't settle for a cameo
So spike her gin with Ritalin and remove the orange Haribo

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Brilig Place Episode 15 - Dawn

A cock crows in a field not far away,
As Heidi dreams she’s eating toast and yet
Downstairs the breakfast table is not set;
Dawn light tiptoes into the Brilig day,
As on their little stage unfolds a play
Of well known lines, familiar silhouettes.
Their childish days danced out in pirouettes.
Be here ! Be now ! Let all else be delayed.
These moments in their minds cannot be sealed.
Memory and these innocents will succumb
To entropy ; their laughter is no shield.
But that picture on the wall in years to come
Returns in dreams and through that painted field
In dazzling light together they will run