Monday, September 27, 2010

Brilig Place Episode 19 - Disharmony

The quintessential spirit of this place
is innocence. Just look into their eyes.
They would not dream of telling porky-pies.
Behold three girls with angelic faces.
Down to earth; no put on aires-and-graces.
Loud voices, arguments are so despised !
Rude words precipitate such heavy sighs.
Witness this; A heavenly oasis !
In these three little mouths, no butter melts.
They gather round the hearth most every night
To play their games, Kerplunk and Fuzzy Felt.
With Ovaltine in hand 'tis such a sight
Disharmony would be so nicht gestelt !
The Brilig Girls asleep and all is right.

But Hark ! From yonder bedroom muffled screams !
The eldest of the girls how she doth snore
At volumes that one simply can't ignore.
The younger Brilig girls, distrurbed from dreams
Let halos slip; the cherubs turn to fiends.
With cuddly toys employed to stifle roars
They do their sister in behind closed doors.
Sleep deprivation causes ugly scenes.
Or perhaps, sibling envy is to blame ?
So is this an elaborate facade ?
Do they call each other really nasty names ?
And in the playground kick each other hard ?
Mon Dieu ! Me thinks these Brilgs are the same
As every other brat in the school yard !

Yeah right ! What happpens next - soon to be reveavled in glorious 3D.