Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Brilig Place Episode 10 - Jingle Belles Revisted

It's Christmas Eve in the Brilig House and excitement overflows !
The final advent calendar chocolate piece has been swallowed.
It was in the shape of a reindeer poo ! But Evie say "Ho, Ho !"
"If its dark and sweet, that's what I eat, I'm a chocolate freak fellow !"

But the Brilig Place is a thoughtful space right now,
Those Brilig Girls have gone all high-brow
If a tree falls in a forest they would like to know how,
If there’s no-one there to hear it, you can tell it makes a sound.

Was the light on in the fridge before you chose to raid it ?
If you had not watched this video would the Brilig Girls have made it ?
Infinity plus one is a sum best that’s best evaded,
Can you have a shoulder that’s only semi-dislocated ?

At the Brilig Place conundrums are thoroughly debated.
We have no time for those who are philosophically constipated.
One uffish thought still remains uninvestigated.
If Evie shuts her eyes do we become evaporated ?

Enough already of Beamish thoughts. the season is Christmas Tide !
These Brilig Girls want fun-to-go with laughter on the side.
Let's not deny them. so super-size them with dishes both trusted and tried.
Like sprouts that's been cooking since November the first, and a plate of last Christmas mince pies.

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  1. Keep it up Briligs! Perhaps the Brilig single will be the next big challenge? From your number 1 fans!