Thursday, January 24, 2008

Brilig PLace Episode 7 Chav Revisited

It's Evies first day at Primary school and she's already got an attitude. Her sisters do not approve of her new friends but have they got little Evie's best interests at heart - or are they just snobs ?

A 'Melting Pot' approach to life this Brilig House embraces.
Any hint of snobbishnes ? Then shame upon their faces !
It's a thoughtful spot, they think a lot, a cultural oasis !
Tolerance and empathy should define just what this place is !
But there's no excuse for language abuse, so please don't drop your aitches !

Evie's new friends, Charley and Chavina, are street cred !
The mantra of 'Whatever' is tatooed on their heads.
At a slap-up Brilig supper well they would not be seen dead
With stuck-up girls who don't know 50 Cents from Fireman Fred.

So Brilig Girls, the point of learning from this episode ?
Etiquet, let's not forget is latin for 'Snob's Code' !
So the hoodie with the cider in the middle of the road
Could be contemplating Plato or, perhaps, DaVincci Code !
For safety sake keep walkimg quick and never say hello.


  1. Love the new video! The chavvyness is definately spot on! Has Evie been living in Maidstone for the past week??

    I await the next one!

  2. Thanks Michael. 'Sneeze' will be going on general release on 01-Feb providing the girls stop their strike for more sweets. Little do they know that the papier-machee puppets they're making will be their replacements.