Thursday, April 24, 2008

Brilig Place Episode 6 - Sneeze

Bless you child but when you sneeze,
You raise the rafters from their eaves,
Deaf men fall onto their knees,
And then you wipe it on your sleeves !
That's such a chavvy thing for you to do !

And when you sneeze what do you see ?
Do you stare into infinity ?
Stands the clock at ten to three ?
And is there honey still for tea ?
Does the pidgeon get caught by Dick Dasterdly ?
Prey tell me child if this is false or true !

And so it goes that Heidi's nose is feeling oh so tender
Chicken Chowder ? Beechan Powder ? They won't cure her influenza !
Those germs fly out and hang about. A hanky we should lend her.
Her head it aches, her body shakes. Quick to the doctor send her !


  1. Given the Brilig Girls know that all humans are 75% Water, that they think therefore they boogie, have they been taught that finer graded grains make better flour, or the difference between white and bluey white? I should hate to see such beautiful girls suffer an inadequate education.

  2. Most importantly, do they know whether it is true that the new Milky Way can still be eaten between meals without ruining their appertite ?