Friday, March 13, 2009

Brilig Place Episode 18 - The Night the Goldfish Died

Oh woeful day ! Evie's little goldfish has shaken off its mortal coil. It is no more. It is a dead fish. But Evie wants to know where he has gone. She suspects foul play - she wants the truth and she's gonna get it....

And so she asks :-

Prey tell me, what strange alchemy is this ?
A carrot floats where once swam my goldfish !
Dear Schwestern you shall dine on a cold dish.
Truth is beauty, revenge is now my wish.

My fishy friend your fate must now be told.
A watery end ? Flushed from a toilet bowl ?
Did you ascend ? Does heaven now behold
Your buggy eyes, your tarnished coat of gold ?

Witness this; two crosses and there beside,
Stood still, a little girl with tears undried.
Her sisters; silent, sombre by her side.
Remembering the night the goldfish died.

But Brilig girls step back from the abyss !
Click your heals, move on and make a wish.
A slap-up tea, prepare your favourite dish.
Perhaps, tonight, give fish and chips a miss !

The whole unhappy story revealed in video next week.

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