Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Brilig Place Episode 11 - Ice Cream

The youngest Brilig child is not a baby anymore.
She yearns to find out what exists beyond the Brilig door.
She longs for sweets and ice cream treats and comics by the score.
We had to stop the alco-pops - she does not have them anymore !
(School days, that is)

These Brilig girls are not afraid of difficult subjects
Like sibling envy, sweetie quotas, jealousy, Touretts.
As Heidi licks her Ninety-Nine she quietly reflects
"..are two flakes, sprinlkes, extra sauce..as good as it will get?"

Don't think so much, devour each cone as if it be your last.
Grab this moment by the throat; don't dwell upon the past.
Old Shep is dead, the tortoise too; stiff as a cobbler's last !
Yesterdays are tiny specks; your tomorrows are vast

Now listen up, you Brilig girls, these summer days seem long.
Fill your buckets, turn around - the sand castles have gone.
When the siren call of the ice cream van becomes your favourite song,
Remember that the Borrowgrove is where your hearts belong.

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  1. Hello Briligs, thank you very much for visiting my Hermitage borogroves... glad to meet you :)
    Bests from Scotland