Thursday, June 12, 2008

Brilig Place Episode 12 - Collector

Since ancient times mankind’s collected things.
But sandals, baldness, glasses, unkempt beards
Are traits, perhaps, of curators’ careers,
Like bad breath and a phone that never rings.
Beware the anguish that this hobby brings
As new collections in your dreams appear;
The marvellous, peculiar, the weird,
Like snowflakes, teabags, toenails, cheesy strings.
A form of madness, Heidi, this way lies !
That grain of sand is somewhere on the beach
The last collection is the one despised
The missing piece is always out of reach.
Collections are reflections ! Virtual lives
Will lead to virtual kisses Friday nights

Cast off the flotsam jetsam ! Waste be gone !
Covet ye not inconsequential things
Don’t think about the teabags, cheesy strings,
On ebay fetching such outrageous sums.
But pity those who trade; those lonely ones
A Meal-for-Two ? Well, hope eternal springs !
The microwave sends out its soulful ping,
But silent is the planet they live on.
Remember this all started with the stamps ?
A habit, innocent and well contained.
The album once withdrawn lead to the cramps
And cravings for imperforates remained
Wake Up ! Rejoin us from that other land !
Where three inch plastic Jedhi knights still reign.

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